As designers, we recognise both the impact our own working habits have on the environment and the influence we have on our clients to adopt a greener design philosophy.

To help minimise our impact on the environment, we have adopted the following measures:

• Through Triodos Renewables, we have invested in two UK wind farms to the extent of offsetting 21 tonnes of CO2 (equivalent to two peoples’ average annual carbon footprint).

• We recycle all paper, spent toner cartridges, old computer equipment and general waste.

• All equipment is deactivated at the socket each night and we work on one of the world’s greenest computers: the Mac Mini.

• Electricity is supplied by Ecotricity.

• We cycle to work and to meet clients wherever practical. We use the train or City Car Club for longer distance meetings.

• We provide free design work for Bristol Friends of the Earth.

• We try and encourage clients to use paper with a high post-consumer content and avoid the use of laminates and gloss varnishes wherever possible.