Happy birthday to us!

Category : Other
Date : October 13, 2014

15 years ago while Steve Jobs was unveiling the iMac G3 laptop and Napster was getting off the ground a rather less momentous, although we like to think, a no less significant event was taking place on the second floor of 24 Park St.

Yes, it was the birth of Rumba. Armed with the very latest technology – an ISDN line, an A3+ inkjet and a CRT monitor the weight of a small block of flats – it was full steam ahead with piles of work from Sun Life, SAP and and Bristol Children’s Hospital (the Grand Appeal). So, despite the ups and downs and thanks to some great clients plus we like to think, some half decent work, we’re still thriving. What have the last 15 years taught us? Despite a flood of new technology and faster and cheaper ways for clients to communicate with their audience, there’s still no substitute for a bit of creativity.

Rumba design anniversary