Rumba help with Bristol Pound reissue

Category : Other
Date : July 1, 2015

The other night the Rumba team headed down to Paper Arts to attend the launch of the new paper Bristol Pound notes with a preview of the exhibition of winning and shortlisted artwork, which is on show to the public from today.

Two and a half years after the original launch, there is now £1m of business traded in Bristol Pounds annually. It is accepted by nearly 800 businesses, making it one of the most popular local trading schemes in the world. You can even pay your Council Tax with it!

It was a great event and, again, we were very pleased to have been part of making the notes a reality. In his speech, Ciaran Mundy, Director and Chief Executive Officer said ”The scheme belongs to you and it’s in your hands that it comes alive.” They certainly came alive for us, holding the fresh notes after weeks of seeing them on screen! We even bid and won a set of low serial number notes for the studio wall.

There is a Guardian article about £B’s success which you can read here.


Bristol_Pound_Launch_4 Bristol_Pounds